Welcome to StayPopular!

More than a decade ago, I began the entertainment blog known as “Stay Famous.” It eventually grew into the successful Entertainment News Magazine now hosted at StayFamous.Net, where I had the opportunity to interview and photograph hundreds of the biggest stars in the world of movies, television, fashion and music. For years, I also owned StayPopular.com with the hopes that I would one day launch a spin-off web site with stories, interviews and reviews about topics that didn’t quite fit into the Stay Famous universe.

As the newest member of the StayFamous Network, StayPopular.com is looking forward to building its own identity in the online media landscape with a loyal readership of fans and followers across the globe. Please feel free to send me your thoughts, comments, story ideas and interview suggestions. And if you would like to advertise or collaborate, you can email me at Stay Famous @ gmail . com (no spaces).


Michael Aaron Gallagher

Editor-in-Chief at StayFamous.Net & StayPopular.com