Garrett Watts, the YouTube Star You Should Be Watching

By Michael Aaron Gallagher of StayFamous.Net and

Garrett Watts

YouTube star Garrett Watts. Photo courtesy of 28th Ave.

When Garrett Watts laughs, there is a mix of cherub-like amusement wrapped in the devious gleefulness of a comedian who is giggling at his own joke before he has even told the punchline. At 30 years old, the often underrated YouTube star has amassed more than 3 Million subscribers and 96 Million views.

Like many of his subscribers, I began watching Garrett in his role as the goofy sidekick on a popular YouTube channel. The more I watched, the more I appreciated Garrett’s unique sense of humor and spot-on comedic timing. On a platform that can often be plagued by artificial, staged comedic bits that fall flat with an audience, his genuine playfulness on camera and his good-natured personality make him a breath of fresh air (metaphorically speaking).

Through his editing and artful storytelling, Watts skillfully brings inanimate objects to life, making them a character in his own videos. There is his plastic son Benjamin, a lifelike baby doll who may or may not be masquerading as a sinister horror villain. And of course, there is the aloof commentator who criticizes him – a series of stock photographs of a woman drinking a glass of wine with various expressions (who by the way, I would love to see eventually make a personal appearance in his videos). With each artificial object, he brings the characters to life and weaves their fictional storylines into his own real life adventures.

Watch the latest video by Garrett Watts:

Over the past few years, Watts has earned a global audience of loyal followers, who by the very nature of their devotion have come to understand and accept his irregular pauses between videos and the personal idiosyncrasies that periodically affect his work. Despite his success and his growing popularity on YouTube, Watts remains modest and humble in his videos. In addition to interacting with viewers on his YouTube channel and Twitter account, he also tries to involve them in his work, by asking questions to his audience and responding to comments.

His YouTube profile also acknowledges that he isn’t driven by a desire to achieve a certain level of popularity, “I don’t care about fame, numbers or ego,” he says. “Life is fundamentally fun and fascinating. No matter what I do on this channel, my videos will always reflect that belief.”

Instead of acting like a big-shot celebrity YouTuber, he is quick to point out his own flaws and perhaps too often criticizes himself, when he should be more forgiving of his own imperfections. Nevertheless, it is this self-deprecating humor that many fans identify with.

Sure there have been the occasional awkward moments, like his Grav3yard Girl prank in a “haunted” store with a speaker and a scary sound effect, or the YouTube compilation video by Abigail Freel, titled “Garrett Watts Ruining the Moment for 30 Min,” but even those brought such an entertaining component to the videos he was a part of that it was clear that despite his occasionally unpolished demeanor, Garrett is really an entertaining guy who deserves more credit for his work.

Garrett WattsWhether he is riding a gold bicycle, riding around in a pink Lamborghini, showing off his collection of wands (he’s a big Harry Potter fan) or making mundane every day tasks entertaining, Garrett’s original view of the world is certainly worth sharing.

When the next Garrett Watts video will be released is anyone’s guess, but there is no doubt a lot of fans will be waiting to see a regular guy entertain an audience with a little heart and a lot of adventure… oh yeah and a serial killer baby doll (allegedly), a snobby stock photo commentator and some unpredictable shenanigans.

If you haven’t seen Garrett’s YouTube channel and you are looking for a laugh to lighten your mood, you can watch his adventures at and follow him on Twitter @Garrett_Watts. (Last time I checked he isn’t on Cameo.) is a brand-new addition to the StayFamous Media Network (www.StayFamous.Net), so I welcome your feedback, story ideas, or comments. Feel free to email me over at StayFamous.Net (StayFamous @, no spaces) and if you would like to read more about my work in the entertainment industry, you can visit my official website